Barrington Bloomers Garden Club meeting notes

Hi Bloomers
Hope you've  all recovered from our last snowstorm. What a lot of FUN that was!! It is great for snow shoeing now. Great place to go is the Barrington Town forest or Stonehouse Pond, maybe I'll see you there.
Here is an up date of the Bloomers meetings since November 19th
Coleen Smead had a wreath making workshop at her house. Had a great time with everyone pitching in to bring assorted greens, pinecones, berries and other interesting plants to add to the wreaths. The wreaths came out great and all very different. thanks Coleen for hosting and for the cocoa, tea and cookies also.
December  was our annual Christmas gathering and Yankee swap which was at JoAnn's this year. Everyone contributed to the meal, and JoAnn had cooked a ham, great food shared by all in attendance. After the meal we did the Yankee swap which is always lots of fun. everyone also brought personal care products to donate to the Food Pantry in Barrington. JoAnn, thank you so very much for hosting the gathering, your house was so beautifully decorated and welcoming.
Adam Pearson's art students completed the sculpture and set it all up in the town garden. Looks great!
January 21st We had a Decorative Birdhouse workshop at Pottery Paddock in Rochester with Ruth Caron. We had 8 in attendance. Great time was had by all. Ruth had been collecting all kinds of barks, pinecones, berries, greenery and other dried flowers to use for decorating wooden bird houses. Everyone got real creative and all were so very different. Thanks to Ruth for sharing her creative ideas and her workshop.
We've got some exciting speakers and guests coming up in the next few months which will be held at the library the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8pm.
Feb- Gardening for Wildlife
Mar- Making Bird Nesting Balls
April- Birds, Bats and Butterflys
Hope to see you all for these interesting topics and classes  


Meeting Notes
Hello fellow bloomers
We had a great turnout for our trip to the Isles of Shoals on August 8th.There were 29 bloomers and friends who attended. Mark Wiley from the UNH Docent Marine Lab was our guide with about 6 other docent volunteers. We had excellent weather, which made it even more enjoyable. On the trip out we were shown specimans from the ocean and did a collection of "sea life" in the water. We were transported to Appledore by the "Gulf Challenger". We split up onto two groups and went to tour the Island, the Shoals Marine Lab and Celia Thaxters garden. We stopped for lunch and then switched  so we all got to see everything. When we departed the Island we went around the back of the Shoal's to observe the seals with rest on Duck Island. We then proceeded to head around White Island which has the lighthouse that Celia Thaxter grew up on with her family. It was time to head back but we spotted the whale watchers boat between the Shoals and the Plum Island area, and as we approached there was a Minke Whale being followed. We got back to New Castle a little later than planned, but everyone was excited for the extra sighting of the whale.
Have received many  positive comments about the trip. The Bloomers garden club did a donation of $50 to the UNH Marine Docents program.

Sept 17th      8 members in attendance
Adam Pearson presented a proposal for UNH Art students to construct a sculpture for our town garden in the spring. They have toured the garden and two other sights and will begin the sculptures. It was decided to place a cement slab at the sight to secure next years and future sculptures. $100 was given to Adam to pour the cement foundation. We will be doing a donation to the Art Dept in the spring. Adam will also be coming back as a speaker about Garden Sculptures. Thank you Adam for all you've done for us.

October 15th    12 in attendance
"Dr Tomato" aka David O'Conner came to talk about "Hydroponics Gardening"
basics; non living medium vs living medium
retain water aeration/ pros bigger yield/ shorter time/ target feeding
talked about container gardening with constant delivery of food. He said not to use garden soil as it turns to brick, compacting with no aeration/fluff. Feeding with hydroponics solution such as Floranova gives a more constant feed than say an every two weeks with a Miracle grow too up and down for plant root growth. most criticle is the PH level which should be 6.5 in a ground garden, 6 in a pro-mix container, and 5.5 in water
Recommended reading " Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics"
As always we ran out of time with many questions for "Dr Tomato". Guess we'll just have to have him back again soon!!

Oct 18th      7 members in attendance
We cleaned up the dead flowers and raked leaves at the town Garden , then went to the Library to help clean-up there. Big thank you to Kim and Jeff for bringing their truck to put all the debris from the gardens, and thanks to all for helping to maintain the garden. Our next meeting will be at Coleens for wreath making. Come join the fun. let Coleen or JoAnn know if you plan to attend as she will get supplies accordingly. I will be sending out a thank you to Fred Knight for mowing the area around the town garden which helps to make it look great.
coming soon:
December  Xmas Gathering
January  Clay Pots with mosaics or decorated wooden birdhouses (ornamental Only). Ruth Caron from Pottery Paddock will be giving classes for $25 more info to follow
If you have any suggestions or ideas for future field trips or speakers for our meeting let us know, always looking for new things to do or see.
Happy Fall to all


Hi Bloomers
Can you believe it's already mid June?  After the long winter we had I'm glad it's finally warming up.
April 16th            14 members in attendance
Sandy O'Neil did a power point presentation on Perennial Garden Design . We learned about site selection, bed preparation, how to select the right plants, garden style and maintenance. Sandy handed out a print out of books to look into, and websites for garden planning. It also included a list of perennials, annuals and shrubs that attract native pollinators.  Very informative meeting. Thank you Sandy
April 26th was our spring cleanup at the town garden at the intersection of Rte9 and Rte125. Did a great job, it looks wonderful. thanks to all that attended. the garden maintenance schedule has been posted
May 10               8 members in attendance
We had a perennial swap at JoAnn Pearson's. We had a nice mix to select from. Coleen brought a mixture to make Moss covered pots. Everyone that brought a porous pot painted the mixture and wrapped the pots in plastic to grow for a week to 10 days. Thank you to Joann and Coleen for doing this. Beautiful tour of JoAnn's gardens after the class.
We did not receive any nominations for a sculpture this year so last year's winner's sculpture will remain in the garden for this summer. talk to your creative friends and family to get something to enter for next years sculpture contest . If they win the selection they could get $200 and have their art displayed for the season in the town garden.
June 2nd
Met at Coleens to make Hypertufa's pots. Had 8 people mixing up the solution and creating hypertufa pots into various containers. Lots of fun and get a great natural looking pot for plants. Thanks Coleen for having us!
June 7th
Set up a table at the Friends of the Library plant sale at the Rec center. Was a very busy day and a very successful day. Thanks to JoAnn, Lynn, Coleen, Heather, Maureen & Cindi for setting up, clean up and selling raffle tickets. We had 3 items up for raffle. 1st pick was a beautiful hanging floral plant/stand donated from WentworthGreenhouse, 2nd was a natural wreath of Impatients made by Coleen, and 3rd was a Garden theme basket of goodies. The winners were #1Laura Palmer, #2 Mary Michalchuk, and 3rd was Fran Ditursi. The garden club made $113 from the sale of raffle tickets.
Our next meeting will be a class for making Twig Arbors with Kathleen Kimball, date and place to be determined.
Our trip to the Isles of Shoals August 8th has only 9 spaces left.  only have 14 that paid and sent their waiver, so as it gets closer to July It is those that have paid that will be confirmed, so if you want to be sure to get in on it send your check to Cindi Harrington along with the signed waiver.
Happy Gardening Everyone