Hi Bloomers
My how time flies by! Here we are into May. Hope your all are able to get out and enjoy the "black fly season" I know my long pants and long shirts and head net look goofy, but at least I come back inside without the bug bites!!! Gotta love spring 
Jan 20, 2016
Met at Greenleaf Farms in Dover with Deb Sousane for soap making
Feb 17,2016    9 members in attendance
We had a meeting at the library with Julie Coleman about wild pollinators. She showed pictures of many different native bees, some did not even look like bees as they were very colorful, shaped different, but very effective pollinators. to keep the natives she suggested to reduce pesticide use, use native plants, reduce lawn area, create transition zones. Very informative
March 16,2016   10 members and quests
meeting at the library Growing small fruits with KellyMcAdam and Elaina Enzien. Site prep good soil is key, well drained. They described the different levels for soil ph for blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. handed out many leaflets with specific info for fruits to grow. Lots of questions from the people there, very informative
April 20, 2016    6 in attendance
Tina Sawtelle from Pinewoods Yankee Farms in Lee gave a lesson in flower arranging with a beautiful array of flowers, greenery and vases and containers to work with. cost was $20 and we all ended up with a large bouquet and a smaller one also. Had a great time and everyones turned out beautiful.
April 16, 2016
Town Garden cleanup    6 members in attendance
Got a lot accomplished in 2 hours with only 6 people. Garden looks great thanks everyone for your help
Library garden cleanup got moved to 30th because it rained hard on the 23.
On the 30th it was just four people to clean, rake blow/vac what was left to be done. thanks to Jeff and Kim for bringing the power equipment, and myself and Lynn for helping. Great job everyone!
this month our field trip is to the Garden in the Woods in Framingham MA. on the 14th of May. We need to car pool and know how many will be able to attend, We will leave the library by 9 am as it's 1 1/2 hours away. the week we are there is Trillium week. You will be able to buy plants there and we will have a special tour at 1 or 2 pm. I'm looking forward to seeing this 45 acre wildflower garden in the woods. Hope you can join us!
Also remember the Friends of the library plant sale on June 4th at the rec hall under the library. bring your perennials to donate the night before and come join the fun from 8 to noon.The friends will have big raffle.  The bloomers will have a raffle for three items also. Hope to see you all there
Barrington Bloomers meeting notes
Sept 16,2015
Putting Your Garden to Bed   speaker: Sandy Oneil
Vegetable- remove plants/weed. test soil and amend soil
cut back most plants, divide and move existing plants
plant spring bulbs
soils need nitrogen- add organic matter
mulch but keep away from crowns/stems
soil additives:  bonemeal to peonies
wood ash-lime for lilacs
cut up banana peels for roses
coffee grounds will improve soil
                     nitrogen 2.28
                     phosphorus 0.06
                     potassium 0.6
Sandy shared her ideas for putting the garden to bed, and suggested checking out for more info
Doug Green- web site www.gardenforumhorticulture.co,uk/clematis
thank you Sandy for a very informative class

Oct 17, 2015
Town Garden cleanup
Only four showed up to put the garden to bed for the winter. thanks to Joann, Kim, Jeff and Cindi. A special thanks to Jeff for the truck and for hauling everything we cut to the truck for us. We got it done in record time because of that help.
Oct 24, 2015
Library garden cleanup
Thanks to Lynn, Lydia and Cindi spent two hours cleaning and dead heading

Oct 21, 2015
meeting held at the library to discuss upcoming year. All officers stayed the same for this coming year.

November 18, 2015
Studleys wreath making in Rochester. Had a great time thanks to Kim for setting it up for us. 8 members showed up for a $35 charge. All the greens, trimmings, ribbons and wire were included. Beautiful wreaths for everyone to enjoy for their holidays

December 14, 2015
Coleens invited us to her new house for our annual Xmas party-yankee swap. Great food brought by everyone and great yankee swap. 8 members in attendance. Thank you Coleen for having us and you have a beautiful place.

to come in 2016
Jan 20- Deb Sousane will give a class on soap making at Greenleaf Farm. Carpool from library
Feb 17- flower arranging
march - fruit trees

Happy 2016 Everyone!


Barrington Bloomers Meeting Notes

May 24. 2015
Hello Bloomers
Hope you are all happily into your gardens now that the weather has finally turned warmer.
The Bloomers club has been very busy, the town garden looks great, and we have lots more planned for the coming season. Hope to see lots of our bloomer friends at some of the up coming events.
February 18th
A Garden for Wildlife; natural landscaping for a better backyard
Malin Clyde- UNH co-op extention staff member was the speaker
Went through ten tips for a better backyard habitat, which included:
Plant native wild flowers, shrubs and trees
Less lawn- less chemicals
Reduce fall cleanup- leave plant material on ground through the winter clean-up in spring
Build a brush pile for cover for wildlife
Install bird boxes, and put up bird feeders for winter
Add a water feature for wildlife
She gave us a list of recommended flowering plants and groundcovers for wildlife
Recommended reading : New England Wildlife
very informative
March 18th
Bird nesting balls
Coleen and Judy did the workshop
had 12 members in attendance
purchased grapevine balls for $5 and supplies for filling from Coleen and Judy were
llama fur,string, yarn,and other natural materials
we had a meeting while hands were busy filling the balls.
Talked about the UNH student sculpture that is in the garden and plan to take a photo with the student artist and the sculpture. Hope to be able to have it up for the summer. looks great
Set up calendar for garden maintenance. If you haven't picked a week to help with weeding and dead heading there are a couple weeks left to fill. It only requires a few hours at your choice during that week to keep it looking nice. please help us with this.
April 15th
Birds, Bats & Butterflys
UNH co-operative extension  Jean Enow
20 members in attendance
Discussed What is habitat? Wetlands, marshes,swamps, pools, open fields, forested habitats
Where they find food sources, shelter, water and space. Jean recommended through the UNH extention to read
Landowners Guide
Taking Action for Wildlife newletter
NH woods.org
April 25th
had a small turnout for our annual garden cleanup,but we got it done and it looks great. thanks to Lynn and Bob for bringing the compost. The following Saturday was the Library Garden cleanup
May 20th
We had a perennial swap in the parking lot. Everyone left happy with their new perennial to add to their garden. After had a meeting in the library at the back tables as there was a cooking class going on at that time in the meeting room. Had 8 members in attendance. We discussed the upcoming Friends of the Library Plant Sale that will be held June 6th in the Rec hall. The Barrington Bloomers will have a table set up with a raffle for donated plants and gift baskets. We will also have a sigh-up sheet for anyone interested in joining the Bloomers garden club. Hope to see you all there, lots of fun !
June 3 and 13th
Mosiac Plant pots class at Pottery Paddock on Ten Rod Rd in Rochester/ Ruth Caron instructor
6:30PM to 8:00PM for the 3rd first process
10:00AM to 12:00 for the second process
cost is $25 for both sessions and all material
sign up with Ruth at carons@metrocast.net or call 332-9209
June 6th
Library Plant Sale  8 to 12
June 17th
Field trip to Greenleaf  Farms, 24 Littleworth Rd, Dover NH. we will be carpooling, meet at the library by 6:15. the class will be about herbs and she will be serving tea. there is a charge of $5 for this field trip. RSVP if you plan to attend
July 18th
Lydia has set up a field trip to Tarbin Gardens in Franklin NH for a tour and English Cream Tea; cost is $13.50 per person, and we will need a head count for this trip. We will meet at the library to carpool at 11AM. Sounds like a beautiful place
August DTBD
Cindi is looking into a trip to Garden in the Woods, New England Wildflowers in Framingham, Mass. 2 PM tours, bring a picnic lunch, gift
shop and cafe on site. will carpool details to follow
Sept 16th
Sandy O'Neill will do presentation on "Putting your garden to Bed"
This is also our membership dues month so b
ring your membership dues to sigh up for another year
Happy Gardening