Barrington Bloomers Meeting Notes

May 17,2017 Julie Coleman Nativars/cultivated variety of Native plants 7 members in attendance Julie spoke about different types of plants and the advantages and concerns about Nativars. Advantages: reduces stressors on native wildlife, More resilent to environmental changes, Adds beauty and interest, Provides a buffer in fragmented habitats. Concerns: Genetic variability, Some Nativars may not be as versitile as native, characteristics may disrupt habitat balance Examples of nativars: Clethera Alnifolla Summersweet, sweet smelling, mid summer bloom, very hardy, good for pollinators Physocarpus Ninebark Bapitsia Butterfly weed Ascleplas Tuberosa Sneeze weed- Heliniumtake Julie said "Feed the soil not the plant" Plantone, Amonium Sulfate- check PH levels. June no meeting, but we had a raffle at the Friends Of the Library's plant sale. We had 5 items for raffle #1 Hanging Fushia Plant donated by Wentworth Greenhouse, won by Barbara Cormier #2 Gardening Book donated by Lydia Cupp, won by Sara Rodriguiz #3 Pottery Planter filled with tools, gloves,kneepad, won by Karolina Bodner #4 Hanging varigated petunia plant- donated by Wentworth Greenhouse #5 Plant Pottery with Pony Tail Palm, made and donated by Joann Pearson July 15, 2017 Pickity Place with 9 members in attendance. We carpooled to Mason, NH and had a wonderful time touring the gardens, greenhouse and gift shop. Had a delicious meal they prepare from their gardens and locally sourced foods. August 9, 2017 BerryBogg Farm, Strafford, NH Had 8 in attendance. Cost was $10 for each and we enjoyed a tour of the farm and got to pick a pint of blueberries, then enjoyed a meal prepared by Julie Butterfield. Enjoyed by all and we were given the recipes used: blueberry barbeque sauce was used on chicken cooked on the grill added to a beautiful salad with a blueberry vinigarette, served with blueberry muffins in 2 sizes and the dessert was a wonderful blueberry gingerbread with whipped cream on top. this was served on a long table under the trees on a beautiful evening. September 20, 2017 Had our annual dues meeting to discuss plans for the coming year. 5 members in attendance. $10 dues for membership to the Bloomers Garden club. We discussed looking for new officers if anyone is interested. Joann has been president for 3 years and would like for someone else to have a chance at it. Ideas for upcoming months are. October speaker from UNH on composting. October 21 garden cleanup 9am, October 28 Library cleanup 9am. November will be make a wreath at Studleys in Rochester date and time TBD. December will be our annual Yankee Swap, dinner and donations to the local Food Pantry date, time TBD. Will send out another mailing with more ideas and times and dates. Thanks to all who helped maintain the garden Cindi


Barrington Meeting Notes

May 2,2017                          Barrington Bloomers Meeting Notes
Happy Spring everyone!. welcome to another "black fly season".
We ended our year with a Bloomers Christmas Gathering at Lynn Desharnis's house. We had 9 members in attendance, with a yankee swap. Donations for the food pantry were brought in by attending members. Had a wonderful time and the food from Lynn and side dishes from others was very yummy. Thank You Lynn for a wonderful time.
Our January meeting had to be canceled because of icy conditions, so our next meeting was in February, 15 our speaker was Richard Kahn of Kahn Landscaping in Hudson NH. Richard gave a demonstration for automatic plant watering systems using organic and repurposed materials. Very interesting and we even got a few members hands on making the bottled watering systems. there were 10 total people for this presentation. You can check out the plans for this at www.kahnlandscaping.com, or call Richard at 877-205-1077 for more information. We had a quick meeting  about future speakers, and field trips for upcoming months. We are always looking for new ideas of places to go or people to bring in for our meetings, anyone with ideas please let us know. At the end of the meeting we presented Kim and Jeff Langevin with a thank you gift card for all the extra hard work they have done at the town garden and at the post office. They took it upon themselves to plant and maintain the post office landscaping, and also did mowing around the town garden all season long, thanks to you both great job!
March,15 our speaker was Karolina Bodner. She brought supplies for us to make "origami Lillies". Everyone had a wonderful time, there were 9 members in attendance. Thanks Karolina
April 19 our speaker was Camden Lee Tillinghast, high school senior working on her gold award for girl scouting. She chose to write a book about the Karner Blue Butterfly,"Saving KB". Amazing young lady learned all she could about the Karner butterfly and set up learning tools for schools to use with children to teach about this endangered species. Her book was not only written by her but also illustrated with amazing artwork of the butterfly. She visited the Karner Blue Butterfly easement in Concord and learned that they only eat the wild lupine flower leaves and that habitat is very limited for the butterfly. Very enjoyable speaker. we had 10 members and others in attendance.
April 20 we had the new sculture for the town garden installed by Angela Sarni art teacher at Barrington middle School, and the artist in residence Mark Ragonise who worked with the art students to make a sculture for our town garden. It is beautiful and we have had a lot of posivtive feedback. Ron and Diane St Jean photograghers for the Fosters paper came to take pictures of the installation of the sculture.
April 22 we had the town garden cleanup with 3 in attendance
April 29 was the cleanup of the library garden and again only had 3 in attendance. did 1 & 1/2 hours at the library then we went to the town garden to spread the mulch that was donated by the new business Great View in Barrington. The business has just opened with lots of big plans for expansion. If you show your a member of Barrington Bloomers you will get a discount of 10% on mulchs, soils,etc..Check it out
Lynn made arrangements for 4 pots that were donated from the Federal Saving Bank to go to the Emergency Center and the Tranfer Station. We will fill with plants from the FOTL sale and the pots will be maintained from the places after that. It never hurts to beautify places around Barrington!
upcoming events
May 17 Julie Colman from Wentworth Greenhouse will be our speaker, subject TBD
 for more field trip ideas, some that were brought up were cooking class for farm to table, pickity place visit, butterfly garden center,tour of different garden centers.
Don't forget the Friends of the Library Plant Sale June 3rd at he Rec hall in Barrington. Bloomers will have a table of raffle items donated by members and local businesses. Stop by and check it out.
Enjoy your gardens!


Barrington Bloomers Meeting Notes

October 22, 2016    Meeting notes
Happy Fall everyone!
May 14th- Garden in the Woods, Framingham, MA
there were only 4 in attendance for this field trip. It was a wonderful time walking the woods and learning about Trilliums and other natural plants and flowers. Every time you go you see different plants in bloom. they have a large board posted each week with what is in bloom at that time. They have a wonderful garden shop with hard to find species of plants, and garden gift items and books. We brought a picnic lunch which we enjoyed on the patio. Great place to visit

June 4th- Friends of the Library Plant sale
We had a raffle table during the plant sale. Items up for chance were Clematis potted plant donated by Lynn Desharnis, Thunberga potted plant donated from Wentworth Greenhouse, Pottery planter of African Violets donated by Joann Pearson, and A Watering can filled with gardeners supplies donated by Cindi Harrington. We made $97 dollars from the raffle. The Winners were Clematis- Ginny Littlefield, Thunberga plant- Bonnie Dubois, Pottery planter- Maryann Marchi, and the Watering can- Sheri Millette.

July 20th- Tea Garden Meeting at JoAnns
3 in attendance. Joann had made wonderful pies and bars to have with the tea and we got a tour of her beautiful gardens, Thank you Joann for hosting.

September 21st- Ikenaba Japanese Flower Arranging with Holly Harris; speaker from UNH. Did a demonstration using plants and flowers she brought from her home. Showed how beautiful it can be with simple arrangement of plants; an art that has been around for 600 years. Using up to 4 materials in arrangements. From front to back in a straight line, trim plants keep it simple. Very interesting class. We had 8 in attendance.

October 15th- Library garden cleanup- Only 3 members. We put in 1& 1/2 hours times 3 for volunteer hours for the library.

October 19th- Coleen Smead did a Layered Bulb Pots class for us. there were 9 in attendance. We all brought in 14 inch pots that we layered dirt-daffodil bulbs, layer of dirt with tulip bulbs, next was layer of dirt with hyacinth bulbs and then crocus bulbs last.  We will store these in a cold place to winter over and in the spring we should have a beautiful pot of assorted bulbs. The cost for this class was $16 each. Thank you Coleen for a great time.

October 22nd- town garden cleanup. We had 11 in attendance. Fosters newspaper had a photographer at the garden to take a picture of the members for the Citizen of the Year award. Adam Pearson whose sculpture is in the garden was present and stayed to help us cleanup, thanks Adam and thanks to all that helped, we made quick work of it. A special thank you again to Jeff and Kim Langevin for all the extra work they have done at the town garden mowing and trimming all summer long. We really appreciate it.

November 12th - the Barrington Bloomers will be receiving a plaque for Citizens of the Year from Barrington Chamber of Commerce at the Rochester Country Club. There will be a dinner and  entertainment with the presentations. The officers and a few members will be in attendance to receive this award. All our hard work in maintaining the gardens has paid off!

November 16th- We will be doing  Christmas wreath making again at Studleys in Rochester. We had a great time last year and decided to do it again, Cost is $35 and further details will follow.

December is our Yankee Swap/dinner. Lynn Desharnais has graciously offered it to be at her place. thank you Lynn. Date and time to follow.

Well that about sums it up for another year!! Where does the time go?? We hope to see you all in some of our garden club adventures. Let us know any ideas or thoughts you might have for the coming year. We are always looking for new field trips or speakers for our meetings.