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 Hello bloomers

Well it's been pretty busy spring/summer for the bloomers.Early spring we started with making alfalfa seed kits as a make it take it for the public library.
April 21 we had a zoom meeting with Meg Herndon for seed starting kits which we pre-ordered. 4 members attended and we put together with Meg's assistance the starter kits which contained soil, sand, seeds, and starter trays. 
April 24 was the spring garden cleanup. Great View Landscaping donated mulch which we spread on the beautiful bloomers garden. Adam Pearson did the "Buzz" sculpture on display for the summer. We had 6 members help with getting the garden ready and cleaned up. Library garden cleanup was done at a later date with several members tackling different areas. 
May 23 toured Liz Riordan's gorgeous Lilac Gardens in Hampton Falls. 8 members were shown over 80 varieties of lilacs. Liz gave out a sheet with the names of all her lilacs for any that might be interested in certain varieties and colors. Amazing tour
May 27 we got together to make give-aways for the annual plant sale the Friends of the Library put on. The Bloomers have a raffle table every year and this year we decided to add a free give away for anyone that signed up and paid to be a member of the Bloomers. We actually ended up with 17 new members.
June 4  set up for the plant sale and the Bloomers raffle.
June 5   Plant sale and raffle. Both the library and the Bloomers did very well. We were located on Rte9 at the American Legion Hall this year. The bloomers had 6 raffle items. this is the list of items and the winners
#1 SeedKit by Liz Riordan, puzzle & mosiac Kit/        Kristi Reynolds
#2 Blooming Farm gift certificate                                 Maureen Sawicki
#3 Wentworth gardens gift certificate                          Sandy Kamitian
#4 Rail plant pot holder with flowers                            Katie Graham
#5 Chair with plant made by Kim Langevin                  Annika
#6 Ornamental flower garden stake made by              Sharon Reed-Ericson
       Maureen Sawicki
June 9 4 members planted the donated plants from plant sale. Took less than an hour
June 18 Margery Sheppard hosted a new members meet and greet at her home on Swains Lake. Snacks and drinks were served and we had a very good turn out. 16 people attended and Margery spoke about the bloomers
history and what we have planned for the rest of the year. we all had a wonderful time.
July 21 Blooming Day Lilly Farm tour from 9 to 11. Heather Pearson took orders and explained about her farm. We also did self tour of her other beautiful gardens around the property.
Pop up garden tours are going well.
July9 and 10 Jen Dube and Cindi Harrington
July 27  Kristi Reynolds and Carol Smack
August 7  Nancy Kanner
Our next event is with the Friends of the Library "Books in Bloom" on August 13 from 6pm to 7pm.Hope to see you there


 Hello Bloomers                                                                            March 27,2021

Hope everyone is doing well and handling our "new normal" life with Covid.  I'm including meeting notes of events the bloomers have had since Oct of 2020 to get up to date. 

October 21,2020- Karolina led us in a leaf printing class held at the Community House on Lois Lane in Barrington. We had 7 members in attendance, wearing masks and social distancing. Different ferns, feathers collected and different papers, notecards to print on were used. Great time, thank you Karolina. We held a short meeting before doing the leaf prints. Officers changed and were voted on and we discussed upcoming events. Changes to officers are;  Margery Sheppard- President, Lydia Cupp- vice president, JoAnn Pearson- treasurer, Cindi Harrington- secretary.

November 21,2020- Bloomers met at JoAnn Pearson's for wreath making. Everyone brought their own wreath rings and ribbons and shared different greens, berries, grasses and dried plants to decorate with. There were 11 happy wreath makers including JoAnns family. Picture is on our web page

December 12,2020- Holiday Yankee Swap/cookie exchange held in the rec center parking lot. 9 members attended and the weather held out for us. We also donated to the Food Pantry with personal care items from each member. The director was there and took the items and was very pleased. Even wrote us a beautiful thank you note we received later. There were no cut-throat exchanges during the Yankee Swap so everyone was pleased with their picks. The cookie swap had some fabulous cookies bagged and ready to exchange. Great fun and I think it was a very creative idea with the covid situation to hold it in the trunks of our cars outside.

Jan 20.2021- Held a zoom meeting. Discussion of up coming projects including paint projects, pop-up garden tours starting in the months of April/May through Sept/Oct. 

February 17,2021- Zoom meeting,  7 members Maureen Sawicki and Karen Towne did a discussion about the use of the library, and was looking for feedback as to ideas for getting people involved in all the things the library does for Barrington and its residents. List of some mentioned; notary, community center, tech support help with Covid issues, tax help, meetings, classes plus so much more.

March 17,2021- Zoom meeting, 5 members in attendance.  worked on by those that had purchased ahead of the class. Items discussed date for "Books in Bloom" now will be held in August or Sept, more info to come.

Dates/events to come 

Alfalfa Seed growing kits are available compliments of the Barrington Bloomers for the Make and Take at the library.            

 April 17 spring garden cleanup, 9 to noon

 April 21 Wednesday 6:30 to 7:30 zoom demo with Meg Herndon on  starting annuals and spices from seed. pre-order her kits from Kits can be picked up at Margery's, 97 Birch Lane, Barrington the week of April 12th. If need assistance contact: Margery at

  April/May pop up garden tours. Show us your beautiful gardens in the spring time 

 May23 Sunday at 3pm meet at Liz Riordan's Lilac Garden, 64 Brown Rd, Hampton Falls, 100 lilac varieties.

More will be posted on a 2021 calendar update coming soon

                                                                       Thanks to all our Bloomers                                                                                                                            Cindi Harrington